Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 21, 2011

Not only is today Lucky Friday; but it is now just 2 months from the Vernal Equinox - or in other words Spring!

1. Luck came a little later in the day than usual. I did send Lynette Meek, who was heading off to Vogue Knitting LIVE a bon voyage.  I was wishing her all the luck of the draw.  They will choose a winner from the 12 finalist and she maybe it!

2. I also had time to do a little net surfing and come up with this amazing car covered in granny squares. Now who is the granny & who is the square? Time to rethink all those labels!

3. I was lucky that not all the Club Soda cans, that my husband had left in the car in sub-zero weather, had frozen and burst. There was one, that with a little ingenuity, and lots of kitchen tools, could be pried open, and squeezed to get enough "Spritz" for a wine spritzer before dinner!

4. Dinner was pasta from the local supermarket - only on Fridays do we do take out or is it bring in.  There is something about Fridays that says, we have worked all week and deserve a "treat." We are very lucky that we can do this - nothing is taken for granted!

Maybe not tons of lucky things happened - but a very satisfying day and tomorrow is Saturday!

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