Friday, January 21, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 20, 2011

It's a lovely day to-day, again a little cold -12C, but sunny and almost no wind. So, the aspects are good for another lucky day.

1. I checked the lottery numbers today on-line and I have won $10.00!! Three of my six numbers were right.  We're just warming up for the big one!

2. My sale of discontinued patterns went well last night. I was lucky to get a parking spot right out front, so it was easy to carry in the bins of patterns. OK this happened yesterday, but a friend of mine called to-day to suggest that I do the sale again, because many people missed it. I wonder if I could count on that parking spot again!  Think lucky!!

3. I met a very elegant lady today, beautifully dressed, who happens to shop at Value Village (this is a bare bones re-sale chain). Fortunately, for me anyway, she has raised the shopping experience for used clothing 200%!

4. Another missing shipment showed up. A delayed shipment came in and I have moved a step closer in the re-tooling of my website.  The last was a lucky find from an internet search! 

5. Dinner to-night is made! This type of organization has more to do with luck than planning. I am not a type A personality - probably more of a type C!

6. It's after 5:00pm and still light outside. I know that this has nothing to do with luck. But it's reassuring to know that rarely do the "heavens" rely on luck. Maybe it's their job to just impart it - to create eternal consistency in an otherwise inconsistent world.

A little thin in the luck department today; but tomorrow is Lucky Friday!

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