Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 14, 2011

So, Friday, being Friday, is always a little luckier than the other days of the week except maybe Saturday and Sunday depending on your work schedule.  That being said, I am hoping for some very lucky occurrences today!

1. First I have to say that I felt very lucky after reading Cat Bordhi's post on Facebook, because this hasn't happened to me in a long time.  Here is her quote:

....Boarding flight homeward, nice lady with strong accent behind me tugs at my vest. "You have toilet," she says. Toilet seat cover attached to my backside. The kindness of strangers. And humor of life....
For all of you who know what a popular knitting personality Cat is, you can appreciate her embarrassment - but she managed it with aplomb! All posts on your embarrassing moment(s) welcome.
2. Got out of my parking spot again today - ta-dah!
3. I just realized that the space where my local Winner's store used to be  (they moved, just about a mile away) - is being replaced by a Marshall's. I feel that the luck of the "find" is just around the corner! In fact, I could probably toggle between the two stores - now how is that for doubling your luck!
4. I was lucky that a shop owner asked me how she might reduce her pattern inventory because I came up with one idea for sock patterns which involves having a "Sock Hop".  This sounded like a lot of fun, especially if you are shut up in doors and need an event to get you out! I posted all the details for the event on an earlier blog!
5. Bought my lottery ticket for tomorrow's draw. I usually don't buy lottery tickets, but I have decided to buy just one 6/49 for the lucky day diary - keeping myself open for "luck."
6. My husband brought home my favourite Friday night dinner - BBQ'd chicken from the local supermarket.  It isn't fancy; but I don't have to cook it; so it's second to Ambrosia!!
Not bad for a mid-month Friday. Now on to a snowy Saturday or so the forecast says.

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