Friday, January 14, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 13, 2011

I think that I may have to work a little harder at being lucky today, because it's the 13th - fortunately not a Friday.

1. I did get up a little earlier today because I wanted the shower first. It is the only way to insure that the water pressure and temperature stays the same throughout the shower. You have to live in an older house in an even older part of the city to really appreciate that perfect shower conditions are not a given. You either plan them or rely on luck! Okay, this was planned - sorry.

2. I may be able to maximize my luck for a morning shower; but, I can never plan my exit from my on-street parking. I have to rely on luck, experience and chutzph. Basically I have to drive into a snowbank in the evening when I come home. The snowplow makes several passes through the night, packing on more snow  and then I have to use whatever it takes to blast out in the morning. Actually I love it! Some climb Mt Everest; I just get out on the road in the morning, with a bit of luck!

3. A parcel that seemingly went missing en route to Saskatoon, has arrived. It did, though, take 11 days via Canada Post from Toronto. (Actually to have any parcel show up at all has a certain element of luck to it.) But at least I didn't have to dig out the tracking  number; call Canada Post; re-ship; fill out umpteen forms; find several proofs that I had actually paid for the shipping and that the parcel was worth what I said it was, to claim a refund and then track that the refund had been sent.  There must be an easier way.

4. I forgot to buy a 6/49 lottery ticket yesterday and I was dreading going on their site, just in case I found that the numbers, that I would have selected had won. Deep breath - they didn't!!!! Does that make me a winner!

5. I talked myself into going to the gym today. This isn't really about luck.  It's about hating to get up out of my chair and move at all.  Well, my reward was that, as I was fishing for my card to get into the gym, I found a $20.00 bill that I had tucked away in there and forgotten about!  Quelle Luck - wait is luck masculine or feminine - this might need a whole other blog! Problem solved - it's feminine - go figure!

6. I picked up two boxes, that are the perfect size for shipping yarn and patterns, from the electronics store next door, but one.  They have a cardboard pick up on Thursdays and if I remember, I can usually find a few good boxes to recycle as shipping containers. I haven't had to buy new boxes in years! As lucky finds go, this is peanuts; but I'm a scrounger and something like this can make my day!

7. Fortunately, my copy of MacLean's magazine came today and in it was an article about a Canadian artist I love, Shary Boyle. I saw Shary's work a number of years ago in another magazine which showed pictures of her porcelain figures. They looked like Royal Dolton figurines, to which Shary added real lace also dipped in porcelain. Another distinctive feature of the figures is that they all had 6 fingers instead of 5. A knitter could identify with that. However, it was the last article in the magazine that made me feel very lucky. It was about an Indian family in the Punjab who sold their farm to send their eldest of 3 sons to Canada. Then the four who were left moved into a one room apartment and raised chickens - in the apartment, as well. I will never complain about the size of my house again!

Not bad for a Thursday the 13th in icy cold January. Bring on Friday.  Friday starts out lucky just because it's Friday!

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