Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 12, 2011

OK, this is shaping up to be a lucky day!  An earlier horoscope suggested that Wednesday of this week was going to be good and so far - it's 10:00am - it has been.

1. The 6 or so inches of snow that fell last night and is still falling was fortunately very dry and light so it whisked off the car in no time. I was actually thinking of walking to work; but then I had errands to run, err drive, to-day and I had left the decision a little late so my son would then have to walk to school faster than his usual snail's pace so I thought, we might be the wusses of winter, but I am going to drive the mile or so to his school and my office!

2. The snow to-day was so beautiful that it made me feel so lucky that I'm a Canadian living in this amazing climate. It was actually quite a bright day and you could see a hazy sun shining through the clouds even though the snow that was falling was quite thick - not actually heavy but there were lots of flakes and they seemed to almost pause or hang in the air for a moment as they descended. It was picture postcard weather and if you live in the moment - this was a moment to be!

3. Another lucky chance call - for all those who do "cold calling", it does work, but, maybe not as often as you would like it to. Actually Cedar Springs (the water people) called to get me to place an order for more water bottles. Well I had actually put my last jug in the system so I really did need more water; but I had also read that they were now using glass bottles that were actually lighter, though not cheaper; but it would mean that I wouldn't have some lethal chemical leeching into the water. I ordered 3.  It was lucky that she called because I might have let it drift for quite awhile.

4. The clinic, I went to last week and got the lucky break of a free parking ticket, called to say I was normal - whew, I was worried about that - so many other people wouldn't agree with them.  :)

5. Finally, it was lucky that I remembered to check out the site because I would have missed the fact that tomorrow (that's to-day), is national Rubber Ducky Day. I should be able to have a lot of fun with this! Now, of course, I can't get the song out of my head .... "rubber ducky you're the one...."

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