Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lucky Day Diary Jan 11, 2011

Well, today's date certainly looks lucky either way you present it - 11/01/11 or 01/11/11 and today:

1. I was lucky enough to have left some gas in my car so the gas lines didn't freeze over night and I could start the car to-day.  Must get to the gas station p.d.q.

2. Things were a little slow in the luck department until 4:00pm when my good friend Mary Pat came by bearing gifts. Mary Pat was clearing out her father's apartment and passed on to me some fabulous books - two poetry books - one by Al Purdy and another by G.K. Chesterton, plus a fabulous, almost never opened, Latin dictionary (just a day before Latin Wednesdays on Facebook!)- how lucky is that!

3. Well, I got to the gas station and my favourite attendant was there - he always makes me laugh - he could just be giving a synopsis of the weather forecast; but he says it in the most hilarious way - the weather chanel should interview him!

4. I could also enjoy vicariously my friend Julia's luck in that she has 12 people signed up for her trip to Morroco - a full house!  Julia organizes trips to Morroco for fibre enthusiasts. I think that she should get on twitter and post away, when she's away, then I could enjoy the actual trip too!

5. I was also lucky to have had all neurons firing, because I figured out this clue in the Globe's crytic crossword puzzle - Let everyone with a ring get married - which became - all (everyone) o (ring) wed (married) or allowed for "let".

Can't wait to see what luck comes in tomorrow!

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