Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guerilla Crochet

Crocheted Car Cover by Agata Oleksiak
Just when you think that you've seen everything, along comes someone like Agata Oleksiak.  I don't sell a lot of crochet patterns and I don't think that many people would buy crochet patterns to create things like this! But you have to marvel at the talent, endurance and moxey of anyone who can, not only come up with these ideas, but also execute them!

Crocheted Tent by Agata Oleksiak
Agata is an artist who was born in Poland and lives in NY. She has had installations all over the world, but her favourite activity is her guerilla crochet projects on the streets of NY.

I happened to see an article in the Globe about her so I looked her up on the internet.  There are more pictures, if you follow the link above. Below is the picture that accompanied the article in the paper

Crocheted Covered Bull - Wall St. NY

She has definitely given a whole new meaning to crochet!

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