Saturday, January 08, 2011

Get Lucky!

Bunny Fun from Fiber Trends
According to this article in the Globe luck is something that you can learn - maybe something like "get lucky 101."  The main thread of the article is that through trial and error you can train yourself to have more lucky breaks. For example: When looking for a parking spot closest to your destination, some will luck out and get a space very close to where they want to be.  This will encourage them to try another time.  Whereas someone who has rarely found the "right" spot will take the first parking spot they see, even if it is a block away from where they want to be. These people don't even bother to circle the block once in the off chance that they might get lucky. However, the "lucky" ones probably circle the block a few times.

Ric Wallace, the subject of the article, considers himself very lucky, he even calls himself a "Luckologist." He has a website - and he says that he's so lucky that even when he goes for a walk, he often comes home with a few dollars. Luck just seems to fall into his hands.  He has won loads of lotteries and just seems to luck out with things most of the time

Maybe it's just a positive attitude. Maybe it's hedging your bets - if you've had a string of bad luck - your luck should turn soon. Whatever it is, he's counting on the year of the rabbit, beginning Feb 3, 2011 to be the luckiest year ever - remember the rabbit's foot - well here is the whole rabbit.

Faberge Eggs from Infiknit
Dinner tonight - something with eggs - I always think that eggs are somehow lucky - not sure why.  Maybe it's their shape - lace designs that form oval shapes always sell better for some reason. Eggs remind me of the Faberge egg with the surprise inside. Here's a site from the egg farmer's marketing board call "Get Cracking." It actually has a link that says, "Tell us the ingredients you have in your fridge and we’ll give you recipe ideas to match."

Now if they could only do that with the "STASH."

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