Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chuck Berry and the next generation(s)....

Line Dance from Red Bird Knits
Dinner conversation with late teens and early twenties can be a challenge; but when the nineteen - year- old remarked on a recent performance by Chuck Berry which was all over Facebook - we found a common ground!  I must see if there is a group on Ravelry following Chuck Berry.  Chuck Berry may well be the hottest 84 year-old on the planet and, as far as my kids are concerned, is still up there with the latest rap performer - he may even outshine them!

There was a suggestion that we should take a trip to Missouri because Chuck Berry performs in a bar(?) there (somewhere) every Sunday night - we could get to MO maybe via Cleveland and the Rock and Roll hall of fame!  I feel a road trip coming on. Someone added Graceland and I am sure that we could find an excuse to go to Nashville too.

Mexican Dance from Red Bird Knits
Obviously there is something in the music and "duck walk" of Chuck Berry that transcends time. Michael Jackson's moon walk, perhaps, does the same.  We'll just have too see whether it lasts as long as Berry's. I guess Elvis' pelvis was/is there too - his birthday was Jan 8. There are those who believe he is still with us - being eternal is the ultimate longevity

What are the ingredients of longevity? What does it take to be amazing at 76 (Cohen) or 84 (Berry) - a song, a dance, a significant presence.  How can we translate that into knitting? I know that there are some patterns out there that have an amazing following and there are designers who list thousands of fans. Is Kaffe Fassett still a major player in knitting and will he be doing shows and creating amazing work into his 80's - I wish he would come back to knitting - the quilters have had him long enough!

I think that designers, such as, Debbie New - "Unexpected Knitting" and Elizabeth Zimmerman are the innovators and entertain us in their own way - but we also need the equivalent of "song and dance." Who are the Cohens and Berry's of knitting?

Dinner?  Maybe some tapas. This is bar food with a difference. Extend any of these recipes and you have a whole meal.

The pictures - patterns to dance in.

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