Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Best of the show.......

.....but one! I just had to show you in detail, Lynette's submission to Vogue Knitting Live. Out of 100 entries, this was first runner up.

All submissions had to be done in mohair, because a South African mohair company was the sponsor. Mohair was easy for Lynette, she works with it all the time. These were the parameters - now for the idea! Lynette said the inspiration came to her in the middle of the night - we all know the feeling -  it was the image of a rose on a piece of Victorian Chintz fabric. A journey had begun!

After sketching the shift and wrap, Lynette began knitting and knitting and knitting! Finally the main part was done, all that remained was painting on the rose motif. Lynette does some stunning "painted knitting" and apparently mohair takes dyes beautifully. It was a natural choice. Lynette called it Victoria Falls Wrap and Sheath and submitted it to Vogue! The rest is history. Look for Victoria Falls in a future Vogue magazine. You may even want to knit it yourself - awesome!

Here's a link to Lynette's other patterns which may be ordered from Infiknit, just in case you can't wait or you want a little project in between!


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  1. I saw it in person at the show and it is beyond lovely - I thought it should have won!