Monday, December 13, 2010

Windy, Wild and Wonderful....

Mabon from GoddessKnits
What is it about the words, wind and wild that are so rich.  I think of titles that use these terms and each phrase seems to have taken on a presence of its own - Gone with the Wind, Inherit the Wind, Whistle Down the Wind, to name a few. Again terms, such as, "wilderness and wildflowers"  for example, conger up a sense of freedom and abandonment - something wonton and feral.  Why are these words so thrilling? Do they speak to a nature within us that of necessity has been bridled?

There is an old song by Bob Dylan that is part of a new ad, now.  It has the lines, "try and catch the wind."  There is something elusive about the wind. Something that cannot be harnessed and maybe that is what we sense and long for. Perhaps we are hard wired to be free; but we know that we would then have to deal with everyone else's sense of freedom and maybe that wouldn't work in a city of several million or even a town of a few hundred. So we are nice, because we want everyone else to be nice and we control the desire to be one with the wind.

So what is our escape? For many it is art, because art is an acceptable "wildness." We can do whatever we want to within a certain medium. We can even try to catch the wind! Fibre artists are perhaps a little closer to their inner wildness than some other artists in the sense that they work with natural materials, often from animals. There is an airiness to spinning and fleeces. Dance, I think must be another form of expression that can capture a sense of abandonment. Cinematographers have the world at their disposal for both wind and wild.

Wildflower Shawl from Goddess Knits
People tell me that Newfoundland has an elusive quality about it, again a feeling of coming a little closer to that feral core. Being a fibre artist in Newfoundland might just be that ultimate state of inner "freedom." I did read of an architect who is building an artist's community on one of the islands off the coast of NF. Hmmmm.

I went looking for pictures of knitting with the word wind or wilderness in the title and found just one on the infiknit site. Loosen up knitters!  Set free your inner wild person! I did add Mabon, also from Goddess Knits as she is a pagan goddess of Autumn - wild spirits! Actually I have on my list to do a lace shawl entitled, "Candle in the Wind." I think that Elton John, at times, captures that elusive inner being in his music. Maybe all great artists do in their best works.

Dinner tonight?  Something like mussels. They always remind me of a scene from the movie Tom Jones - things got pretty wild after dinner in that movie! My apologies, if I have offered this before as a dinner suggestion - but nothing says that you can't eat the same thing again once in a while! Go wild in your dreams!


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