Friday, December 31, 2010

Under the "B"....

Night on the Town by Ilga Leja
....yes, you are right, I failed to note that December was National Bingo Month. Here is the link to prove it and also a listing of all the other celebrations that I failed to write about (about which I failed to write) in Decemeber.  Well, there was just so much else going on. I just didn't have time to note:

National Bathtub Day - 5 - I shower
Pawnbrokers Day - 6 - I preferred St. Nicholas' DAy
Pearl Harbor Day - 7 - yes, I did miss this.
Personal Passion Day - 9 - I write about knitting every day (almost)
Human Rights Day - 10 - Next year - both worthy causes
Nobel Prize Day - 10
Poinsettia Day - 12 - I bought one - does that count?
One Day! Day - 15 - Any ideas on this one are most welcome!
Boston Tea Party - 16- Does Sarah Palin know about this one?
At the Piazza by Ilga Leja
Wright Brothers Day or Aviation Day - 17 - Many flights did not get off the ground this December
Humbug Day - 21 - Or Read Your Charles Dickens Day
Phileas Fogg Wins a Wager Day - 21 - next year
National Under Dog Day - 21 - maybe next year too
A' Phabet Day - 25   (as in No "L" Day?)- How can you have a day without "L"ove? -  national 'ove day
National Whiner's Day - 26 - for what you didn't get?
Make Up Your Mind Day - 31- I'll have to think about this one.

Now back to Bingo month. I know that there are a lot of people out there that play Bingo. It's a "soft" kind of gambling, but to have a whole month dedicated to the promotion of it, is a little sad. Maybe I'm wrong.  All comments on Bingo welcome.

The pictures are of elegant people in elegant knits going elegant places - there is more to life than Bingo!

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