Sunday, December 05, 2010

Pumpkin Pasta

Very Easy Scarves from Infiknit
This was an Oh Wow moment for me again.  For some reason, I had never thought that you could flavour pasta. How did I miss this, given all the pasta that I have eaten over the years - surely the flavouring was in the sauce. Well, now that someone has given me "permission" to flavour my Penne, the possibilities are endless. Think of basil flavoured pasta with a mushroom sauce or beet flavoured pasta in a sour cream and sausage sauce.

OK, maybe I should just stick to working with yarn! Anyway, the pumpkin pasta was from a restaurant review of a new Italian restaurant (Carisma) in Toronto that had a pasta dish which was pumpkin ravioli stuffed with veal and topped with fried sage. Ymmm.

Very Easy Vest from Infiknit
The parallel in knitting would be dyed yarn (flavoured pasta) whipped up in a cute new design (sauce) and  finished with an elegant pin (garnish). There that was easy - no time at all, as quick as it would take anyone to make pumpkin pasta from scratch. ;)

The pictures are of Fantastic Knitting hand dyed yarn (Alpacalicious) from Infiknit in some saucy patterns with garnishes of pins, buttons or embroidery etc.

Dinner - not pasta again - anything but pasta - anything? - OK pasta.  Here's a site with lots of flavoured pastas - one is even a chocolate pasta - see what you would have missed, if you passed on the pasta!


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