Saturday, December 18, 2010

Literature and other Niceties

Baby Bears from Fiber Trends
I always love reading missives from those who edit and review books, since they have to have a greater command of the language than anyone else because they critique people who use language to a very high degree to start with. So I loved reading in the Sunday Star these lines from the literary journal Taddle Creek:

"The magazine wishes it didn't still have to be said, but it does: no stories about September 11, Y2K bug and Tsunamis."

Knitted Snowflakes from Heartstrings
And I thought that knitting was slow on the turn around of themes and ideas. Well knitters might be faster on the turn around; but, once onto a good thing, perhaps they don't know when to stop. No one, I guess has ever thought to post on websites that do pdf downloads for knitting patterns something similar:

"The website wishes it didn't still have to be said, but it does: no patterns of knitted alien figures, seasonal ornaments and wavy scarves will be accepted"

How to say "no" nicely is a practised art and editors have honed it to the nth degree. Especially the first few publishers that turned down J.K. Rowlings and her Harry Potter manuscript saying that young people would never read anything that long - surprise, surprise!!

Shetland Lace Scarf from Le Tissier
I often have to make decisions as to what I will post on the Infiknit site, given that any patterns uploaded come with a cost as far as paying staff to enter all the details in the system - so I am a little like an editor in that regard - there are times when I just have to say, "No".  I don't like to, but, it is just part of doing business. To date I don't think that I have ever turned down a Rowlings look-a-like in knitting - I hope I haven't anyway and if I have had to say no to anyone, I hope that I have done it nicely!

Dinner? Something literary and nice and I am stumped. What do you serve at a book launch? Finger food - we've done that. Nothing alien, monstrous or wavy unless it's pasta. Boarding school food? Well I do remember eating lunch often in the Woman's College dining room at U of T.  They often served quiche with some stewed tomato confection and greens. This could work.  I have posted a link for quiche earlier. Here's another one from basic recipes.  The pictures are of knitted patterns that I am glad that I accepted and posted.  They are wonderful!


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