Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Last Roses of Summer......

Roses picked from the garden Nov 28
These really are the last roses of summer. It's either global warming or true love - take your pick! This picture was taken in Toronto Nov 28, 2010 and nothing in the garden looks as though it's going to last another week, so I guess that this is it until June 2011. Yikes!  I'd better start another shawl with a rose motif to get me through the winter!

roses from Red Rose Shawl

I love roses in knitting designs. They are so easy to work and look so lovely when blocked. There are so many stitch variations and they all produce very pretty, very delicate lace!

On the other hand roses in a real life are very complex. They are the symbols of true love. Think of all the poems, songs and stories that use the rose as a metaphor - it is passion incarnate!

I have often thought -  why the rose and not another flower? Is it the amazing scent, the intense colour, the intricate construction, the painful thorns? Who knows, maybe it is a combination of all of these. Certainly, the rose has caught the eye of artists who have given it a life beyond that of just a garden shrub.

large border rose
I can't think of another flower as potent. Lilies are lovely, but devoid of passion. Daisies are pretty, but lack depth. Marigolds, portulaca or impatience, to name a few, just do not have the presence of a rose.  No, a single rose given as a gift has more meaning than a whole bouquet of other flowers.

Make your business the rose among thorns - just be passion incarnate!

Today, it's bleak and rainy and I just want to crawl inside a "multifoliate" rose and dream.

Garden rose in doors Dec 3

Dinner? Serve anything with a rose on the table and you have a dinner fit for a king! So why not make it KD or grilled cheese sandwiches or wieners and beans... Go lovely Rose and make it a meal to remember!  The pictures - knitted roses in lace!

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