Thursday, December 16, 2010

Knit a Poem

Cloths of Heaven from Queen Anne's Lace
Actually it is craft a poem and it is a new group that has just started on Ravelry - Dec 11, 2010.  The object is to submit a design (or drawing or recipe) inspired by a poem.  There will be prizes awarded each month; but you don't have to commit to a project a month - just read a lot of poetry and knit (or craft) a "something."

Here is the link:

I have offered as a prize for January my pattern for Red Rose Shawl. Robbie Burns is a suggested poet for January. (Jan 25 is Robbie Burns' Day).  I have also offered for June or July - that's a long way off - "Cloths of Heaven," from W. B. Yeats. I am waiting to see if it has been accepted.

This could be a lot of fun.  I think that the recipe part would be great too. Imagine cakes and cookies dedicated to poems or a casserole or two.  Sandwiches would work, as well. It could be a Dagwood, if it's after "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner."

In reading the threads, I am coming up with poems that I have never read, so it is a good way to keep in touch. I will also post the reference to the Leonard Cohen group. This is totally unrelated but another group I joined on Ravelry is one that knits and studies Latin. I enjoy Latin Wednesdays on Facebook with Jonathan Levisay a lot, so I thought that I'd add a little more Latin to my week.  These guys on Ravelry are serious - some even studied medieval Latin - I had trouble with the most current - just before it died - Latin!

Dinner?  I am going to do Shepherd's pie. This one is called "Lazy Shepherd's Pie." Well lazy shepherd's don't end up with enough sheep for a pie - but as a cook, it should make life a little easier. I picked this dish because a few years ago I did a post on a poem entitled "My Lost Shepherdess."  You can take it from there.


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