Thursday, December 09, 2010

I am in awe!!!

Alveare from Woolly Wormhead
I am putting the patterns of a new designer, Woolly Wormhead, on the Infiknit site. These are gorgeous hats, beautifully constructed, and wonderfully knit. As a result, I have spent some time on her site and was amazed by her blog. On Dec 6, 2010, Ruth and her family moved into a converted double decker bus!!

Here is the link: There are lots of pictures.  It is really quite stunning!!! Living in such a creative space has really given, Ruth a lot of inspiration for her designs as you can see; they are fabulous!
Buttonette from Woolly Wormhead

I remember taking double decker buses daily when I lived in London years ago. Now these were red and did not have a covered top; but the concept is the same. So to see a vehicle like this completely outfitted as a home is a revelation! I have always wanted to live a bit like a gypsy in a Volkswagon van and move from place to place; it's a wonderful sense of freedom!

Now, I did spend two years in my early 20s hitchhiking around Europe. This was a nomadic life - sleeping on beaches, in hostels, on trains or ferries - picking up with people here and there, to-ing and fro-ing as the spirit moved you - awesome. I was not knitting at that time, though - too disruptive.

Dinner tonight? Why, chuck wagon chow! Here's a great link to pioneer food. I guess in my mind a converted bus is not that far from a covered wagon. Feed your inner gypsy!  The pictures are hats from Woolly Wormhead. Enjoy!

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