Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How now brown car....

Argyle Gloves from Le Tissier
Apparently the brown car is back.  That is, brown, as a colour for cars, is back. Is this a late 20's or early 30's thing?  Brown coloured cars were popular both during the great depression and in the 70's, which apparently, sported a number of brown cars, and I guess, now.  Maybe this is a recession "thing."

Well, recessions and brown cars may come and go, but, I am still in love with the Camargue.  It's a classic Rolls Royce that I had set my sights on when I was in my twenties and poor.  I had decided in my naivete that some where between earth and heaven there was a land that would support a "liberal" that drove a brown Rolls Royce. Well maybe there isn't, because I am still a liberal; but I don't drive a Rolls Royce.

However, I still covet a Rolls Royce, a Rolls, in that understated suede shade that whispers wild horses, in the nether regions of the south of France.  These are not mustangs -  horses that are wild - but without "culture".  These are the wild horses of that mysterious realm of so much money, that I have to go in cognito and hide away in some neverland or is it netherland?

Queen of the Earth from Queen Anne's Lace
I always remember a classmate of mine in the old Ontario Grade 13. We were both in a Latin class that was scheduled after school had been dismissed because that was the only time a room was available.  Anyway, all of us in that class bonded in the way that all people who feel as though they have somehow been wronged, bond - 40 minutes passed dismissal and all for Veni, Vidi, Victi was torture. (Remind me to tell you of another classmate in that infamous class and if you join me on Facebook you can also be part of Latin Wednesdays with Benjamin Levisay of Knitter's Magazine, XRX et al)

Well, my friend was brilliant, but decided not to go on to University. Her father bought her a Jaguar (used & brown) - I think it was really something that he had always wanted himself - and my friend went to work.  Well, didn't she end up marrying the mechanic who looked after her Jag. They both moved to Nova Scotia and the rest is history! There is something to be said for vintage brown cars.

Country Silk in Pumpkin
What does this have to do with knitting? Well, not a lot except that it's good to keep an eye on colour trends at any level.  It's also good to have a story to close a sale in let's say a chocolate brown yarn that someone is dubious about, and it's good to have a dream of wild horses or magnificent cars, or fabulous yarn or the south of France!!!!

Dinner - It has to be cassoulet.  My husband found a recipe for a variation of Cassoulet in a Sobey's flyer and it has become our escape to the south of France for an hour or so over dinner!.  Here it is.

The pictures? Knitting escapes in brown!

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