Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Got claw....

Lobster Mitten
I read the other day that, because of the recession, there is now a surfeit of lobster on the east coast and the department of fisheries is thinking of running an ad campaign to promote the sale of lobsters. I wonder if it will be a little like the milk campaign - "Got Milk". You remember the one with the face that had a moustache of milk. This promotion was, apparently a huge success.

So I was thinking of parallels to Got Milk - yes, Got Claw could work - Got Tail? - well, it does have other connotations. A quick Google search brought up some memorable campaigns, many are still with us to-day. They could borrow from Rice Crispies and use "Snap Crackle and Pop" or the yellow pages - "Let your fingers do the walking",  better probably before the lobster is cooked. "Go to work on an egg" was popular in Britain - I'm not sure that you would get there on a lobster. From "Diamonds are Forever" - "Crustaceans are Forever" - well not if they are going to be your next meal!

Now, if we tried some of these for a knitting campaign, we might end up with - "let your fingers say the words....(I love you)..." or "Sweaters are Forever" and I won't add, especially if you never wear them. "Got Wool - Will Knit" would work; but I don't think that "Snap Crackle and Pop" would!

The picture is of a lobster mitt that I designed at the request of a yarn store on the east coast.  It was a lot of fun to do.  All ideas for a lobster and/or yarn campaign welcome.

Dinner tonight - you got it - lobster! Here is a link to a site called "Lobsters with Laura". You won't have to eat alone!


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