Friday, December 17, 2010

The Druids among us.....

Norwegian Mittens
The Druids have taken up residence, in the house, once again. Yes, we have brought in "the tree" which will be, the Christmas tree. I love Christmas Trees, partly because I love trees in general; but I also love an occasion to bring a tree into the house and decorate it (i.e. worship it). This is, in itself, sacred.

I found to my amazement a Druid site - they are still among us - this quotation I think sums up my fascination with the tree and particularly the Christmas Tree:

"Trees in particular are mysterious, and seem direct embodiments of the incomprehensible meaning of life."

Nordic Mittens
So now in the presence of "the tree" we will set about for the next few weeks to try to understand or at least to come to terms with that which is the "incomprehensible in life."  We will have people time and/or family time and ask "is this the meaning of life?"  We will explore quiet times and times filled with music and song and ask "is this the meaning of life?" We will do small things and BIG things and ask "is this the meaning of life."

And in the end we will be perhaps a little further along in our understanding of what it's all about. And in fact we may find that really it is all about the process - that the reality of life is the journey - the effort made to try and understand the incomprehensible. It is, in fact, something that will never be truly solved. But then that may also be the fun. Who wants a cryptic crossword puzzle with answers!

Dalarma Mitts
Dinner?  Well I just did meatloaf which I think is about as cryptic as it gets for dinner. How about Tourtiere which is a fancy meat pie for festive times. This recipe is OK. But I would add lots of things like bits of carrot and turnip and parsnip. I have had Tourtiere with moose, venison, caribou, (I have connections in Iqaluit). I'll bet that there were a few made with rabbit etc. Make it as interesting (read cryptic) as you like.

 The pictures are of patterns from Beth Brown Reinsel's collection


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