Saturday, December 04, 2010

By Your Sweaters Shall Ye Be Known......#1.

Julia Bryant
Some Like it Hot - front

I am hoping to post some interesting sweater designs that are the quintessential statement of the artist's work - hopefully worn by the artist - this could take a while.  However, I have made a start because Julia Bryant, who does some amazing designs in Tunisian Crochet, kindly offered to be photographed wearing one of her creations.
I have been a great admirer of Julia's work over the years.  Her Tunisian Crochet is always vibrant, often embellished with beads and trimmed with knitted accents. Julia takes her inspiration from many areas, including modern urban graphics, and ancient indigenous symbols. Also a good deal of Julia's work in influenced by her many trips to Morocco. These are excursions that she has organized for groups of Fibre Artists to experience the rich heritage of Moroccan textiles.

Some Like it Hot - back
Check out  Julia's website for information on her next trip in March 2011.   I believe that there may be a few spaces still open.
Tiffany Wrap

Also lucky for us, Julia teaches Tunisian Crochet. Arrange a class and you could be creating garments like these one day.

Dinner? Something Moroccan from one of  my favourite websites - Haggisandherring- Rockin' Moroccan BBQ Chicken.


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