Thursday, December 02, 2010

Breakfast is back!!!!

Aquitaine from Sivia Harding
To all intents and purposes, I believe that we can now eat breakfast again or we will be able to, soon.  This news comes as a great relief to all those who had to tighten their belts during this economic downturn. How come?  Well sales at Tiffanys are up, as are their stocks and even though this may just mean that the "rich" are buying again, there is a "trickle down" effect!  Thank you, Audrey, we needed this!
Beaded Purses from Sivia Harding

Now, I don't think that breakfast will be Holycrap (read my earlier post); but, it could be Holy Carat! I like my Frosted Flakes with a little sprinkling of diamond chips and are those Craisins or rubies in my granola? I can't wait.  I knew that the money was out there - someone just had to open up the safe again and let the good times roll!

Neckpiece etc. from Sivia Harding

I have posted some patterns of jewelled knitting. First, there are these precious little fingerless mitts for those who feel that they have to display their bejewelled fingers in bejwelled gloves - what good are diamond rings, if you have to cover them up? Then there are the beaded necklaces and wristlets or beaded hats. I call them winter tiaras. Then there are those diamond encrusted wraps - raiments for the rich.

I can't stop - God forbid that I should ever come into real money - there are the sparkling socks,  the Cinderella slippers and the $50,000.00 purses - bring it on!

Dinner tonight? Caviar and truffles and..and... OK will you settle for Eggs Benedict. This link gives the basic recipe and then goes on to give regional variations - so you could do your own variations - add caviar or anchovies, perhaps truffles or mushrooms...and carats - it's all about the carats!!!

Enjoy Carol

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