Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Robert's your father's brother...

I promised that I would research the term "Bob's your uncle" and found some fascinating info. First, from Wikipedia:'s_your_uncle

Lots of information about Lords, named Robert, appointed to do things. I did like the one about Lord Frederick Roberts (1832-1914. 1st Earl Roberts, and Roberts of Kandahar) who led a successful siege in Afghanistan - too bad he's not around to-day - we might be able to end this terrible war.

I also had a chuckle about the British version of the term - " Robert's your father's brother". Canadians have apparently shortened the entire phrase to just "Bob". I'll opt for the happy medium.

The female term is "Fanny's your aunt".  I don't have an aunt Fanny so I have to settle for Lil, who is actually a great aunt - so, " Lilian's your grandmother's sister."?

This is starting to get as tangled as a skein of yarn. Complicated stories and tangled skeins seem to be the domain of knitters'. There are mystery books out now with knitting as the theme and other fictional stories set in yarn stores.  We gather to knit and tell stories, as many used to do before radio and television and Facebook and...and....There is this wonderful comraderie among people who share a common interest.  My mother and grandmother taught me to knit. I feel a little sorry for those who had to teach themselves.  They are missing that thread. Still they are able to pick up new threads along the way, with all of us who knit.

My daughter wearing Midday Scarf
Threads in time,,,

Dinner tonight - How about spaghetti? Here's the link. There are a few listed here, so take your pick!

Given the number of Italian restaurants around and the ease with which anyone can turn pasta into a meal, I think that we all have a little Italian in us. How about "Zio's your uncle"?

Starting Sagittarius...please send me your knitting stories and I will publish them!

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