Friday, November 26, 2010

Pushing the Edges of Sagittarius

Well maybe it's not really pushing; it's more like thinking really hard about how I am going to add a lovely finish to the pink lace shawl that I am working on. But the ideas are not really taking on any shape, so I am pushing for some inspiration!

I have found a lovely stitch in one of Barbara Walker's books that could work as a knitted on border. In fact, it actually looks like the bow - as in bow and arrow - that Sagittarius is often seen with. If I used the bow idea, I would need some arrows, which isn't bad; but I don't want the pattern to look contrived. Somehow the arrows have to appear naturally - tricky, when was the last time you saw an arrow appear naturally? (and in fact aren't you lucky you haven't)

Aquarius Shawl from Queen Anne's Lace
Maybe if I thought a bit about Pisces, something will just pop into my head. I have completed Aquarius and here is the picture that I promised. Aquarians live in the future. They are the electrician of the Zodiac. We certainly are living in the Age of Aquarius. How many hours a day do you spend:
1. on the internet
2. on your computer,
3. watching television,
4. listening to books or music
5. using anything electronic

Enough said. I chose Blue for Aquarius, a fixed air sign. Blue to me says the future, air, maybe not electrical charge, but electronic thrust (blue lightening!)

Capricorn should really be the next sign, in sequence, that I design; but it is a cardinal sign and these signs will be done later. Pisces is a mutable sign and also a dual sign. I already have an idea for the border of this one. It's the main stitch (or stitches) that I'm struggling with.

Oh well, I am at 288 stitches with Sagittarius. I have a few to go before I have to start on the border. Really, things should start to come together now, since we have moved into the sign of Sagittarius. Imagine trying to design a mutable sign under the auspices of a fixed sign - no wonder things weren't happening.

Sagittarius in progress
Dinner? Something from far away and "charged." Yes, we could do take out - nice try! How about some fusion - here's a site that boasts - Thai Burittos, Hummus Guacamole, Pasta Masala among others. Enjoy!

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