Tuesday, November 09, 2010

More celebrities on-line

Well I just had to post to-day about the fact that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has set up a page on Facebook. Now, you can rub shoulders not just with movie stars, but with royalty.  It is really a very "cool" page with lots of people posting welcomes including me. Some pointed out how they were related to minor royalty and well known British historical figures - it's a lot of fun. I wonder if she will try to engage her readers with quizzes and puzzles?  She does have some lovely photos posted and, well, I guess we'll just see what happens!

Here are some tea cozies fit for royalty from Lynette Meek at Le Tissier Designs.  These are all knitted.

Infiknit is offering a special on all 6 designs.
Just join my face book page to get the details.

Dinner tonight should be something regal like Beef Wellington.
Then again since she has joined with us commoners, perhaps she wouldn't mind some fish and chips! This recipe is for the famous beer batter fish and chips. If you really want to be authentic eat them out of newspaper - The Times, of course!

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