Monday, November 01, 2010

Lil's your aunt....not

I was about to write.."OK, you can claim my great aunt Lil as your aunt too, because Taurus, the shawl with the 800 stitch ruffle, did not get finished this weekend."  Well, I amazed myself. I finished casting off this morning. (I still count finishing off something, from the night before, part of the night before.)

The reason that I was running out of time was because, I had bought "Facebook for Dummies". There were just too many things I didn't know about Facebook, so I needed a primer. I then started working on  my Facebook knitting.

Next, I went to take pictures of sunshine for the Queen Anne's Lace blog - Wildflowers and Lace.  I am writing up the whole series "Light and Lace." But I needed more pictures....again no time for knitting - but a nice picture of sunshine.

I combined the picture taking with a walk to The Brickworks, through the ravine created by Mudd Creek and took lots of pictures of reeds, lily ponds and a few other interesting bits and pieces. The Brickworks really is a lovely spot. The city restored an old industrial site, used to make bricks, to a state-of-the-art environmental destination. It is also just one of the reasons that Toronto is broke and why so many people voted in Rob Ford for mayor - How does "Rob's your uncle" sound? :(

However, by about 4:00pm, I decided to pick up my knitting - well before I knew it, I was within striking distance of finishing Taurus. Pictures next blog.

Dinner? Actually we had clams with Spaghetti last night - it was a little like - eat a clam - hand out a treat (Hallowe'en) ; but it was good. Buy a mess of clams 1-15 per person. Clean them and discard any that are cracked or open. Then open a can of crushed tomatoes and puree the contents in a cuisinart. Add this puree to a pan in which you have fried onions and garlic. Add some hot pepper flakes, basil, oregano, thyme and salt, if you are not on a reduced salt diet. Cover and simmer while you boil the water for the pasta. Add the clams to the tomato sauce (replace cover), at the same time that you add the pasta to the water and they both should be done in about 10mins.  Make a salad in that 10mins and barring trick or treaters, you'll have a nice dinner.

Enjoy Carol

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