Friday, November 19, 2010

The Last Rose of Summer......

This may very well be the last rose of summer. It's also the title of a very beautiful, yet very sad Irish folk song. The Irish may, in fact, be one of the few cultures that have turned death into an art form. Here's the link for the song, sung by John McDermott

Albert Camus, once said, "Art is the distance time gives to suffering." Certainly Art is one way that we have of dealing with suffering or just dealing with the human condition, which means dealing daily with a sense of loss - lost youth, lost time, lost energy...the litany goes on. However, with most things that are lost, something is gained. Surely a wisdom - don't tell me that we have gone through all of this and not learned anything. Possibly a sense of confidence - if I have survived one, I can survive them all. Maybe even a sense of resurrection - this will come again, in a different form perhaps; but, Spring is eternal!

Butterflies from Red Bird Knits
Knitting for many is a way of dealing with loss. The actual rhythm of knitting is very soothing. Some design a garment for a lost relative, others knit something to remind them of someone not here, physically - Still others just "throw themselves into knitting" as a means of escape. Knitting is very therapeutic.

Here are some "healing" patterns. I think that socks must be one of the most soothing of projects, even though you always have to knit two.  I say this because, sock knitting is still very strong!  Knitting mittens is also very comforting.  It's as though someone were holding your hand! and of course, I am partial to lace, which is very absorbing. Shawls and more specifically prayer shawls are like an arm around your shoulder

Wine and Roses from Jolene Treace

The rose pictured above was photographed on Nov 13. We note the day, each year, that we pick our last rose from the garden. The latest was Nov 27 a few years ago. Recording time, I think, is a way of slowing the passage of it. I really should find a place to plant Helleborus Niger or Christmas Rose, which is known to bloom at Christmas in a protected area - Spring really is eternal!

Red Rose shawl from Queen Anne's Lace

Dinner? How about a very traditional Irish dish - Corned Beef and Cabbage. This is comfort food too. Actually I cooked the Beef Stroganoff recipe that I posted earlier and it was delicious and very easy - definitely worth a try. I substituted onions for the shallots - something less to buy.

I'll be more upbeat tomorrow - but - hey, this is life!


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