Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I believe in dreams...

Winter Dreams from Red Bird Knits
On Sunday I bought Susan Boyle's new CD "The Gift".  I wanted to keep her dream alive!  And so it seems do a lot of other people, apparently, her new CD sold 318,000 copies in the first week of its release.  It also topped the US and UK charts simultaneously. In fact her first CD did the same thing less than 12 months ago - a feat achieved only by the Beatles in 1969 - Susan would have been 8 at the time - she was born on April Fool's Day 1961.

Susan bravely went where she had never gone before and succeeded in spite of tremendous odds.  This is what I believe in. I believe that you can succeed in spite of the fact that the deck seems to be stacked against you most of the time. I know that there are a lot of people out there willing to help anyone who is brave enough to stick their neck out (or arm) and try for the gold ring.

I mentioned that I was setting up a page in my Facebook profile for anyone - myself included - to post a goal, however small, and then to keep us posted as you set about trying to achieve it. Here is where help may find you or where you can ask for help or maybe you just have to see yourself in print, in public - well not that public - to get to the gym, make that call, write that inquiry...... Too often we under estimate our abilities to achieve and thereby diminish the goal - "it wasn't really for me"; "it would have taken too much time"; "people would think that I'm nuts!"

Chain d'Amour from Lucy Neatby - we are all connected!
Here is the link to the page. I call it Enterprise, partly from the name of the Starship and partly because that was a name that was available - there will be some luck involved in your success. The picture is that of maybe a star, or maybe a goal, or maybe my camera playing tricks with the sun.  It doesn't really matter, hopefully it becomes a symbol of lofty endeavours!!

Dinner? How about something with Star Anise. Here is a recipe for flank steak using star anise, which I always think is an amazing spice. The pictures are from equally amazing designers who have set goals; achieved them and have gone on to set other goals!!! Enjoy.

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