Monday, November 08, 2010

Celebrity Knitting on-line

This post is actually following along from an earlier post about celebrities who knit. I mentioned Julia Roberts and maybe Demi Moore....Well, I don't suppose that I will ever rub shoulders with Julia Roberts or Demi Moore, but I have been able to chat to Fiona Ellis and a few other knitting personalities on Facebook.

Yes, I am now up on Facebook. I know, many of you are saying, "finally" and "what took you so long." Or others are saying, "Oh no not another one". Well, I am not about to be an Evangelist as far as Facebook is concerned. But I will say that you will never reach celebrity status unless you get a page for yourself, a page for your store and maybe even a page for your own exclusive designs, because, it is not about the posts you receive - many really are inane and it is not about what you have to say in your posts which I am sure will never be inane :) - it's all about just being there - it's the BUZZ.

It is a lot like the reason why anyone, who wants to become famous, moves to NY or LA or maybe TO or BC. It is just easier for wannabes to be in the centre of a networking Mecca. To feed on the success stories of others, to catch glimpses of the rich and famous as they speed by or post from twitter (that's something else again - one step at a time). You really need to be part of this BUZZ. Not just because it is helpful when knitters come into your shop to be able to relate to their buzz; but it is energizing.

Ravelry vs Facebook
Ravelry is called the Facebook for knitters. Many of you have pages on Ravelry or follow Groups and Forums regularly. I like Ravelry.  It's important to have such a vast platform for knitting; but, I didn't receive the same engery hit there that I received on Facebook. Compare Times Square as it usually is, (mob scene) to a Times Square where everyone is knitting - great knit in public venue - but I am sure that you would want to leave at one point and wonder up to the Guggenheim, take in a Broadway show or go to Macey's!!

To me Facebook merges knitting with the rest of the world. Ravelry isolates knitting from the rest of the world.  Am I wrong?

Well, since we are all in NY virtually, wouldn't it be nice to go to John's Pizza - just off Broadway - a tip given to me by a knitter who teaches Tunisian Crochet and whose son writes for the New York Times (and he has just won a Pulitzer Prize for journalism)...climbing up the celebrity ladder, one stitch at a time!

Need real food? Virtual is fine until you need something real, like food,- here's a pizza receipe  - but you'll have to make it yourself - sorry!

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