Wednesday, December 01, 2010

How Gleeful is that?

Music for Sole
I can't believe that one of the hottest series on TV is about a High School choir? My jaw dropped when I read that one of the plot lines was about huge "hunks" (old English for good looking guys) who dropped Football to sing in the choir!  There is hope for knitting!!

Riversong from Queen Anne's Lace
Maclean's magazine had an article on the lead Cory Monteith, who happens to be a Canadian from BC. Apparently he was a troubled teen, who was doing a lot of couch surfing when he followed a friend to a few acting classes and was given a couple of free lessons - the rest is history. As Cory says, most people are just "looking for something to be interested in, to be passionate about. All you need is permission."

All you need is someone to say - that's a great design, or you did a beautiful job. Obviously it has nothing to do with money, as far as knitting goes anyway - just look at the number of free patterns downloaded on Ravelry. These designers or designer wannabes, who offer patterns for free, are just looking for permission, from the knitting public who seemingly love their patterns and therefore exault them to the status of famous designers. What happens when these designers start charging for their patterns and people don't buy them, because they are not free anymore - does the permission go away?

Symphony Moebius from Heartstrings
Well, we are not the first to have sold ourselves for Art's sake. I was shocked, when I discovered, as part of a quizz, that Van Gough only ever sold one painting in his lifetime. Perhaps no one ever gave him that "permission" and the results were very tragic. Still, I support anything that creates an interest in the more refined aspects of music, dance, theatre, visual arts...etc and if it's a TV show on Fox or a free pattern on Ravelry, then so be it.

The pictures are of knitting patterns on a musical theme. Dinner tonight. Well this was tricky. There's not a lot out there combining music and food. However, the choir in Glee sings songs from musicals and Oliver is a musical and Oliver was the boy who asked for more gruel (porridge).  It's a long round about way to get to Oatmeal pancakes, but worth it! You have my permission to eat breakfast for dinner. Enjoy!!

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