Monday, November 22, 2010

Anti-Matter - does it really matter

Duck Sweater Based on M.C Escher's morphing images
I read the other day that they (great thinkers, scientists, surrealists) have been able to stabilize anti-matter for about 10 seconds - long enough for science to study  it.  Anti-matter, apparently was there at the "Big Bang". It was the universe as we know it, but with a negative charge and so it disappeared - sounds like my credit cards - any negative charges sure disappear in those positive charges (or is it the other way around?).

Well, today, I decided to set about to try and understand the concept of anti-matter. It's a slow day and I don't have much to do, so why not spend some time pondering Quantum Physics - beats chasing dust bunnies! Well anti-matter is what fuelled the Enterprise in Science Fiction, that is. I'm still stuck on what fuelled Patrick Stewart. Sorry, I digress -  Anti-matter in real life is actually "us" with a negative charge - is that like looking in a mirror and having the image disappear - very freaky!

It is always hard for me to put these huge ideas into perspective. Is all of time like a giant tapestry or lace shawl and we are a few of the tiny stitches? I also find it difficult to put my most important dos and don'ts in a day - pick up this, drop of that, cancel this, book that - into the back drop of something vastly more important, I guess - the discovery of something that disappeared eons ago.

Still, if I really think about it - and I really have to think about  it - I can imagine a universe that is completely linked together, with each one of those links having an imporatnt duty in that it must keep everything from unravelling. I think that we often forget how important we really are and also how more important we can actually be - like the scientists who spend their lives figuring things out and furthering us along.  We are important; but we can be even more important by achieving those things that we never set aside time to do.

In fact, I am going to set up my last page on Facebook and do something that I have always wanted to do - create a forum for people to "bravely go where they have never gone before." It's not as scary as it sounds.  It's just setting a goal, however small, writing it down - and you know that if you don't write it down where it can be seen, it will never get done. I think that I will do a cross linking of the face book page and this blog, since I find that things tend to disappear on Facebook - is this the original anti-matter?
Lace Moebius from Fiber Trends

Dinner - we could fast in the honour of anti-matter :(  No I think that we should celebrate with something light and airy. Something that suggests a scientific puzzle perhaps. How about an Omelette - as in which came first....the chicken or the egg and does it really matter? The pictures are knitting designs taken from scientific puzzles.


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