Thursday, October 21, 2010

Small Changes....Big Results

I was testing the link to INC magazine on my Infiknit blog today - just had to check that Horoscope forecast - when I noticed in INC's right hand side bar a link to some interesting articles - One in particular really stood out "How to Design A Great 'About Us' Page on Your Website".

Well, I've had a website since 1995 - I know, a really long time and you're right, I have not tweaked my "About Us" page in maybe as long.

Anyway, according to the article your "About Us" page is one of the 3 pages knitters go to when they first land on your site.  It's a bit like walking down the street and coming across a store that you just have to go in...or conversely coming across a store - even a yarn store - that looks so uninvitiing that you decide to give it a miss.

Your "About Us" page, according to the magazine, should be so warm, so like the person (people) you are, that people want to either visit you or do business with you on-line. Here are some guidelines:

1. Your "About Us" page should include the basics such as: whom your company serves - beginning knitter, to most experienced needing a challenge and/or a place to knit and chat about a shared passion and/or helpful advice to get you going or over the humps....etc...

2. Also mention how long you've been in business, your long term goals and mission statement, as well as any awards you've won, any charities or community events you support - Proud sponsors of the (Linus Project) or something else to put in the brackets.

3. Do include what is probably already there - your address, contact numbers, including facebook and twitter accounts, as well as e-mails and websites, Ravelry groups and forums etc. If you have several physical (bricks and mortar) locations, list all of them.

4. Include other interests or the interests of your staff e.g. former member of Sweet Adelines, Brown Owl turned knitter never know when a kindred soul will find a connection. Have a link to your blog or the blogs of your staff.

5. List any famous people that have shopped at your store...favourite yarn store of _____when he\she's in town.

Keep it brief; but warm & fuzzy, interesting and inviting. Make yourself "amazing."

It's a small change; but for many a huge re-positioning and if you can do it yourself it's FREE!!

Of course I now have to put my money where my mouth is and re-do mine!!

I did and the only link that doesn't work is for Facebook. I guess I'll have to call the webmaster.

Infiknit About Us

And my/your reward for doing all this, is dinner tonight African Chicken in Peanut Sauce - sorry it's not nut free - neither is knitting :)

Have a great evening


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