Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It ain't over 'til it's over....

.....And it's not over yet for Hazel McCallion. I just had to write this up today - the morning after a rather amazing election in Toronto & surrounding areas.  I am not from Mississauga and I don't necessarily like Hazel McCallion's politics - but I love her stamina.  The very idea of running for mayor of Canada's 6th largest city, at the age of 89 is AMAZING. And what's even more amazing is that she got elected... again. OK she's been the mayor 12 times since 1978, this in itself may be a record; but she has now committed herself to another 4 year term - mayor at 93? Not only is she an octogenarian, she's also a woman! (and just an aside, she won this time with 70% of the vote - down from 91%.)

I'm pretty sure Hazel doesn't knit. I know that she played women's hockey and chaired either the provincial or federal women's hockey association. She used to fish and maybe still does and, of course, she wins elections! She is also somewhat of a celebrity around here. She's an Annie Oakley "shoot from the hip" style politician and people love her.

So if you are in business, or have just started a business, done a career change or are thinking of doing a career change - think of Hazel, who leaped into the air when she heard that she had won...again.  Aim to be leaping at 89!

Variations of the strawberry fruit cap
My only knitting equivalent is the Strawberry hat pattern from Ann Norling (whose real name is actually "Okuley"...hmmmm). This is the first pattern that I was asked for and I still ship hundreds of them - so if you are looking for longevity - keep "Fruit Caps" from Ann Norling in stock.

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