Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallowe'en, horoscopes and other happenings....

I read my horoscope these days. I don't live by it; but I find its little ironies interesting. There have been times in my life when I refused to read newspapers, let alone their horoscopes...there was just too much bad news. Yes, the bad news is still there, maybe I've become inured to it or maybe I've just found different ways of coping, such as, comparing one's horoscope to what really happens in a day.

Well, yesterday, my horoscope said that I would be much richer by this time tomorrow - which is actually today - laws of relativity notwithstanding. So this morning my husband handed me a envelope. "It's from the government," he said. All I ever get from the Feds is requests for payments - something I call UI - "Unexpected Invoices" - every business owner knows that we can't get the real UI, because the scam would be, to start a business; work at it for the required length of time; close it and then claim UI. Hmmmmm.

I opened the envelope - it did look like a cheque, which made me think that it wasn't, because they try to trick you into opening UIs by making them look like cheques. Well, lo and behold, it was a cheque for $705.00 from a government department which bore some amorphous title, that it made me think, that it must be for the move to the HST (harmonized sales tax) for those who live in the few remaining provinces that don't have it.

Today's horoscope wasn't as positive, rats!

The picture is of a knitted skeleton. Here is the link

It was part of an art installation by Ben Cuevas in NY.  There are more links to his blog and more pictures.  I am always in awe of the way artists use knitting in their amazing creations. If you did spend some time on the V & A site last night and looked at the knitted projects submitted by the knitting public then you know what I mean! The skeleton is my knitting tribute to Hallowe'en.

The "happenings?" Well, it just so happens that it's Friday evening and were are sitting around trying to think of something to have for dinner.  We usually get something to take home from the supermarket that's already prepared; but, somehow we have exhausted our choices, which were pretty limited to start with.  I would have pasta every night of the week and my husband would have potatoes and the one remaining child that eats with us has learned to make KD so he doesn't have to eat what we eat. I see signs of a dysfunctional family on the horizon.

How about pasta with a bechamel sauce to which you could add something interesting from the fridge.  Add some cheese to make it taste and "Bob's, your uncle."  Now this is a phrase that I have to track down.  I wonder how many people actually have an uncle Bob?

Taurus will be done this weekend or "Lil's your aunt."

Have a good one

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