Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Customer Loyalty Programs

This is an interesting article published Oct 11, 2010 in the Globe and Mail. Here is the link:

Be sure to click the 3 headings in the middle of the article to read the full article. If you have ever thought of putting in a customer loyalty program, read this first.

Even if you haven't given customer loyalty a thought, there are some interesting suggestions for observing customer behaviour, trying to move less frequent customers up to being more frequent customers and looking at customers in different ways - such as - recency, frequency & monetary. Often a short article helps you rethink a situation and helps you move from that 20%\80% plateau - that is 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers.

I know that 80% of my sales come from 20% of my patterns. It is often a case of buying what has worked in the past against trying something new. We eat a lot of pasta in our house because it works - but it does create a repetitive cycle. Maybe it's time to try just one new pattern or one new pasta.

May I suggest patterns by Maddy Laine. Here is the link:

Maddy is a Canadian designer from Quebec. Her patterns are very straightforward, often just 2 pages in length, with multiple sizing and lots of interest, yet not too daunting.

Now to break the "spaghetti again tonight" syndrome - I know - "Meatball (Kefta) Tajine" from Herring & Haggis

and you thought that this was a boring old business site.

Drop by often - you never know what's cooking or knitting or selling!!!

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