Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hi! I'm back

I know it's been 3 months since my last post, but I've been bitten by this terrible lace knitting bug and literally have not stopped knitting lace since mid June. Well I did stop to fill orders for Infiknit and of course, June and July were very busy months. Then I was on holidays in August for two weeks - more New York city and our annual trip to Hilton Head SC. All strung together with lace insertions. Yes I am still knitting Gifford - nearly done - just one sleeve to go - unless someone can find me a one-armed bandit and then I would be finished!!

It all started with that awful book - Victorian Lace. I might not have given lace knitting a second thought, if I hadn't seen Cambridge again through "lace coloured" glasses and I had to go there - in my mind! Also there were these odd sized balls of lace weight yarn which I couldn't really use for orders and didn't want to discard so I thought - "What harm would a little swatching do"....... lots. Now I do nothing but SNIT - knit with such concentration that I am no longer pleasant company in the evening because I am always counting stitches or rows!

I suppose there are worse things - perhaps I'll give it a rest - just after this next scarf...I'll think about it.

Anyway - here are some pictures.
Top right is a scarf and shawl both started at the outside edges and joined with a three needle bind off in the centre. On the left is a scarf with a centre provisional cast-on and worked down to the end. I am well over half done here and may do the shawl version and at left is Gifford which was really fun to knit because I just made a few mistakes which were easily corrected.
I'll be assembling my woolly board soon to block Gifford- it looks like you need an engineering degree for that, though, so I have been putting it off.
I promise to post more often - just need a little more focus & discipline and a little less lace. Carol

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  1. Finally, I have been watching for an update!
    Your lace is wonderful and Gifford is looking very good.
    Look forward to more frequent updates!