Friday, February 09, 2007

Thumbs up for knitted mitts

As promised a post on personalized knitting - the first of many, I hope! In fact I got the idea for the post from my very good friend Brenda, whom I have known for over 25 years and have known as a knitter for 15 years - I know this sounds strange but for the first 10 years of having Brenda around for dinner or meeting her at parties, I had never known that we shared the same passion. Knitting must still be a "closet thing" unless you are with kindred souls.

The truth came out one night after dinner at her house when I noticed a Barbara Walker book on her book shelf - "Do you knit!!!" I asked - "Yes, have for years," was her answer - Eureka! a friend re-born!

Well Brenda came over one winter's night for dinner and brought her Paradoxical Mittens, knit from Lucy Neatby's pattern. She had, however, made these "Brenda's mitts", by knitting a small portion of the design on the right thumb in the contrasting cast on colour - so that you could always tell your right mitt from your left.

The pattern itself is fabulous - inspired by the basket weaving designs of West African artists - Lucy Neatby has travelled the world and incorporated many ideas from her travels into her knitting patterns. However, Brenda's idea for the thumb is ingenius!

Above are Brenda's mitts below are some other patterns from Lucy inspired by West African motifs. Left is Raffia Vest and right is a wallhanging simply entitled Ashanti. Enjoy Carol

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