Monday, January 08, 2007

Lucy's Lamborgini

I was just about ready to pack away the Christmas paraphernalia when I came across two brilliant cards that I was sent this year. The first one was from Lucy Neatby. Lucy used a photo from her sister's collection, (Her sister is a professional photographer in England - see link) , cleverly added some text and had create the cards for her! The balloon reads: "must be a lamborgini."

I loved it. In fact I loved it so much that I obviously told too many people too many times about it - their eyes began to roll. I guess they weren't knitters.

I got the second amazing card from Fleece Artist, with the tiniest sheep pin attached to it. I am not about to pin it to any part of my body; but, I love the creature in the picture.

I also got an Elvis post card - well his birthday is January the 8th - today! Happy Birthday Elvis! I couldn't find that particular card for this post so I had to find another picture of Elvis. Here is one of him in a cabled sweater.

Many thank yous to all who sent cards. I will send some next year. I promise!

My Danish blouse is progessing. Pictures next post.

Merry Christmas to all Ukranian readers!!


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