Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Here we go a-ravelling....

...among the sleeves with care....or something like that.

If sleep does indeed knit up that ravelled sleeve of care, would we sleep better the more sleeves we ravelled, err knit? I say this because I have been knitting and ripping out the same sleeve for the 3rd maybe 4th time. First it was too big. Then I didn't like the way I had tried to merge the diamond pattern in the decreases - I didn't like it twice. So now I am knitting a plain sleeve and hoping that I don't have to unravel it again.

Still I can't say that I mind the ripping back. It slows the progress of the sweater; but I have so many anyway and the longer it takes, the more money I save in buying yarn for the next project. Plus I get to listen to Christmas music. This is that time of year when magical people come to life again. Like Bing Crosby. I always have a vision of him as the priest in The Bells of St Mary's which I believe has a ravelling or unravelling scene in it. Can any one help me out there?

Then there' s Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians. Here again I have a vision of my grandparents around the radio in the living room - I was very small- maybe an infant. The announcer would say "The sweetest music this side of heaven" and I would ask "What side of heaven?" - OK I wasn't an infant - but I was fascinated by the concept of a many-sided heaven.

There are others all worth a mention who have contributed to the season with music - John Lennon, Nat King Cole, Burl Ives, Abba - still alive, but the group's gone. Please add your favourites...

Anyway must get back to the sweater, which I have decided is the colour of peanut butter and just as sticky - c'mon sleeve!! The stockings are a favourite from AnnNorling #1018.

Holiday Cheers


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