Saturday, December 09, 2006

Goddess Knits

I think that we are very close to the sublime with these patterns; however, we may have been closer, sooner, had my “opinion” not intervened. Here’s what happened. About a month ago Renee of Bo Peep's Wool Shop in Iowa contacted me about distributing her patterns. I looked at the jpegs and thought “WOW,” these are wonderful lace shawls – something a goddess would wear. I said yes!!!

Well the patterns arrived and I had my opinion about the quality of the photos. I had put on my “knitter’s hat” and decided that if I were a knitter or a shop owner wanting to knit these beautiful creations, I would have to work a little harder because the pictures didn’t give me enough information. I got back to the designer and we were discussing improvements, while the patterns languished on a back shelf.

Then, one day Robyn Gallimore of Red Bird Knits came by to drop off some of her magical sock patterns. Robyn noticed the Goddess shawl leaflets and quickly filled me in on Renee's "mystery shawl knitting" excitement on the internet. I was in awe!!! I try to keep up with the buzz on the net, but I obviously missed this gem.

Robyn immediately scooped up an order of the Goddess patterns, indicating that the pictures would be less of a problem on the internet then they might be in stores. So now I just have a few patterns left over from my initial order and Renee tells me that she is going to retake the pictures to show more of the lovely lace details. For those who know Goddess Knits and would like some of the first edition patterns, please contact me: I will have them on the website soon.

I have to apologize for my opinions sometime. I once told Lucy Neatby that her Equilateral hat would look good in black and white – like a soccer ball – an idea we didn’t kick around for long.

Enjoy Carol

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