Thursday, November 30, 2006

A diamond for St. Andrew

Many apologies for the delay in posting. I have been dealing with FAMILY and I am sure that everyone can relate in their own way to the tremendous responsibility that family, be it biological or otherwise, involves. We, who do not choose to be islands, know that in order to have our infra-structure when we want it , we must nurture it - maybe when we don't actually quite have the time to do so.

Anyway, my father's house has been sold and he, my sister and nephew have moved to a newer house in town. Yesterday we were in the final throes of downsizing from 40 years and 14 acres to a suburban home - read 7 dumpsters - close to 100 hours of "free" sibling time and many heartaches, squabbles, sadness and joy - yes really the "stuff of life"!!

In the worst of "it", when the purchase of the property was going through its ups and downs and I had suffered through too many sleepless nights - remember the ill-fated steek - I began another sweater, as I had mentioned.

Well " sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care" arrived with my ravelling, err knitting. I chose a simple diamond textured pattern and "went at it"! I knit myself into a complete escape and quite exhausted myself with the frenzy that I slept. I know you have all been there. In fact there must be other versions of that classic line. Maybe:

"Ravelling the sleeve of care gives us sleep." or "Ravel a sleeve and sleep..." Any other ideas?

Anyway, I know that it is late, but it is St Andrew's day and Macbeth was set in Scotland and the diamond pattern is reminiscent of the cross of St. Andrew - though mine is not white on a blue back ground - but I have suffered!!

So "happy St. Andrews Day" to all who keep the faith or at least pay tithes on the appointed days and knit to ease the suffering. My knitting might not be divine; but, saints are said to be and believe me , sleep is!!

Dream on...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

We are so misunderstood

I was doing a crossword puzzle the other night - I know I should have been knitting - just taking a break from a sweater I had started in a nice wool and alpaca mix from Grand River Yarn. I have recovered from my steeking mishap. Well, the clue was "Crochet again" and I could see by the letters there, that the answer was "reknit."

There they go again. No real understanding of the needlework medium - sigh!
I always like the clues around "making lace" - "tatting". They suggest that the creators have at least made an effort!

I was hoping to get the answer to the clue "Pamphlets about tangling fibers?" - It's "ravel - something. Anyone do the double crossword in the Saturday Star - Nov 11?

I guess that it's time to see that movie Wordplay. Rochelle at Grand River Yarns - yes the same one as mentioned above - recommended it to me. Maybe it's also time to make a list of yarn suppliers and their other areas of interest so you can not only buy yarn but also get a quick recommendation for a great movie to see, book to read, wine to buy, CD to purchase, vacation spot, car..etc.

All suggestions welcome.

The picture is "Funky Zebra" from Red Bird Knits - fun sock patterns to puzzle out! See more on our what's new page -

I got the answer to "frozen spike" - icicle - they're coming!

Enjoy Carol

Sunday, November 05, 2006

To steek or not to steek...?

I have just wasted another Sunday morning on It’s a great site if you like lots of semi- intellectual, semi-literary banter. It also has some of the most amazing T-Shirts that I have ever read! Slogans like:

The Pavlov T-shirt with the line – “that name rings a bell.” Or from Sigmund Freud – “There egos again” or the Gregor Mendel one that reads: “Giving peas a chance since 1856”

Of course I couldn’t resist. I know that there are a number of great knitting T-shirts out there, such as, “I knit, therefore I am”…..please add others.

So I started a list - please add and\or edit at will!!!!

To steek or not to steek that is the question?
Out, out damned knot!
As easy as ssk, sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, k 2 tog.
Come back Skein; come back!
Go confidently in the direction of your seams.
The future starts with a single stitch.
Blessed are the piece makers for they shall inherit the ……afghan?
Never confuse knitting with a finished garment.
To err is human, to knit divine.
I wear my art upon my sleeve.
Listen to your art. …do I have to add click, click or would a picture do?

I am trying to cheer myself up after hastily trying to machine stitch and cut two steeks in a 20 min. window before dinner after an exhausting day and you’ve got it. I positioned one of them about a shoulder width off the mark. Louise King of L. K. Yarns in Halifax suggested that I cut the sweater; felt it and turn it into a bag – What a great idea!!!

More knitting slogans please - I'm still depressed!!!