Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Snuffiest of Snowdrops

When we use the superlative have we reached the sublime? I think we may have here. This is a link to a site with a wonderful picture of Snowdrops and a lovely poem about Snowdrops. I think that the poet must have distilled the essence of "snowdrop-ness" and had it drip (by drops) into her creative spirit. To me the poem captures the power and simplicity of this tiny white flower, which the Romans believed came down from heaven - divine indeed.

Here also is my attempt at capturing snowdrops in fair isle. I am actually quite pleased with the arching effect. It makes them look a little angelic.

Below is another poem about Snowdrops. Read this only if you like, rather love, 5 colour carries. It is as complex and convoluted as multiple yarn stranding. Really a little too much for such a small simple flower. It's by William Wordsworth. This one doesn't turn up often in anthologies - no wonder.

On Seeing a Tuft of Snowdrops in a Storm
When haughty expectations prostrate lie,
And grandeur crouches like a guilty thing,
Oft shall the lowly weak, till nature bring Mature release,
in fair society Survive, and Fortune's utmost anger try;
Like these frail snowdrops that together cling,
And nod their helmets, smitten by the wing
Of many a furious whirl-blast sweeping by.
Observe the faithful flowers! if small to great
May lead the thoughts, thus struggling used to stand
The Emathian phalanx, nobly obstinate;
And so the bright immortal Theban band,
Whom onset, fiercely urged at Jove's command,
Might overwhelm, but could not separate!

You may also have noticed a little poem about Scilla on Joann Macken's site. Scilla (or is it Scillae) carpet the ground about the same time as the Snowdrops do. I think that I'll try a little fair isle pattern to suggest a carpet of blue Scilla(e?) Maybe I'm on a little design "roll" here - let's see.

Here is the graph for the Snowdrops in fair isle. The background is blue. The X is green and the / is white.

Now back to data entry. The new site is almost ready.

Have a good one! Carol

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