Thursday, March 09, 2006

This sounds like a party!!!

You really didn't want to work to-day did you! Well I didn't either. So when Aaron Lishman posted his comment to my blog, I was thrilled!!! Not only did he correct my errors in the pricing of Paula Lishman's fabulous fur yarns - please read below - many are very affordable. Do I dare dream of a fur coffee coat? He also directed me to a few amazing web sites.

Aaron Lishman says:

"Hi, Aaron Lishman Here, Son of Bill and Paula and General Manager of the Fur yarn Company. Thanks so much for the write up, and the praise. Our family is indeed unique, - some of my father's endeavors are chronicled on his website, , my brother's art is showcased on his site, our latest fur garment collections on, fur yarn through the webstore at , (and if i can put a plug in for my latest CD, it can be heard at http://www.manmademachine. ). just a few corrections to your article, our Beaver Yarn is about $2 per gram, Fox Yarn about $3.50 per gram, and Fly Away Home was put out by Columbia pictures, not Disney.

Here are the sites:

This is a must see, for variety alone. It's hard to believe one person has accomplished so much. I am in awe!

Promise me that you will come back after visiting this site. You will be leaving this earth for a while and I feel ultimately responsible for your return!

Up and away again. Now promise me that you will not do anything really foolish here either. You have responsibilities you know....

This is another truly amazing site. I can see the inherited love of art and nature here; but in a totally different rendering

What is a party without music? I love it!

Thank you so much Aaron for the invitation. My apologies to Columbia Pictures! Disney's loss Columbia's gain.

Enjoy Carol

PS knitting pictures next post!!

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