Friday, March 03, 2006

Food for the Knitted Soul

One of the amazing things about the human spirit is its ability to "bounce back" and make the best of things. I might have been "a little down" March 1; but I'm up and back at it to-day! March after-all is the Month of Madness and I am determined to enjoy every insane minute of it!! Fasten your seats belts, this could be an interesting ride!

First I need some help. I read an all too brief article about a group of knitters who are drawing their inspiration from street culture and as a result, are knitting the wildest things. One stitcher, from Oregon, has knit the entire digestive system - not once, not twice, but three times- (nothing to do with food repeating on you) - This amazing piece starts with the tongue and ends with the anus and includes all the vital organs in between. Or as the newspaper article says, "It's complete from its cute red tongue through a pink esophagus, yellow pancreas, brown liver, green gallbladder, peach small intestine and red anus. " I would love to hear more about this knitter, this piece, anything!!!! Thank you!

Secondly, I thought about knitted food - books by Jean Greenhowe are a great source for this. I then realized that I had sold my last copy of Lil Dumpling Dolls Part II - The Village Men which has the greengrocer in it. The grocer and all the food for his shop is completely knit - yes knitted carrots and cabbages. The book is now out of print - any help with pictures of knitted food for the knitted stomach, of course, would be much appreciated.

Thirdly, some knitters have contacted me about the idea of the knitted "coffee coats" - yes, I am still looking for submissions. I can't call them knitted coffee coats, as that is the name that another company is using to market their commercially made I need a name for our knitted protectors.. I thought of Java Jumpers...but readers of this blog are a really creative lot so I know that you will have some really stunning names.

Above is some spirited knitting by Debbie New. It's called "Holy Grail, Holy Gruel and Holy Smoke". Below is a picture from Feb 7, 2006 Maclean's magazine featuring coffee coats from the company Cup Couture, which was first reveiwed in the Seattle Times - must be something about that west coast air - I hope I am not guilty of copyright enfringement here. You will have to buy Maclean's for more information - maybe even subscibe and many of you will know of coffee places who would love to stock coffee coats. There is also a person in Victoria, Cheryl DeWolfe, selling her own knitted ones on-line - Cheryl's Cuppa Joe Cozies - sorry no URL in the article.

Enjoy Carol

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