Saturday, January 14, 2006

On folk music from the fold

Robyn Gallimore of Red Bird Knits sent me an e-mail with this picture. It is one of her sock of the month patterns - Scarborough Fair - with the comment, "Since you like fold(folk) songs, here's one for you!"

I replied, saying that she had been knitting and spinning too much - I liked "folk" music - not "fold" music. Her reply was fabulous - "Fold songs are for a very small group of people with VERY good taste. Folk songs are for everyone."

I now have this image of choirs singing "Baa, Baa Black Sheep" or "Good King Wensleydale" - I know, no Carols after Christmas.

I don't know the breeds of many sheep so I went looking - to make up even more inane titles - and came across this site which lists almost 300 breeds quite a few, but not all, the listings have pictures.

What???? you have better things to do than look at fuzzy faces all day! Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Some of them are so cute!

For those who have better things to do - such as, knit. Here are some patterns with sheep motifs. This is not meant as a solicitation. I just thought that you might like to see a whole group of them together. Any of these patterns can be purchased at your LYS or on-line retailer.

Now back to my soup stock, with Parsley - (not Sage, Rosemary or Thyme) picked January 14, 2006 from the garden - just 2 blocks south of 44 degrees North latitude. I am in avoidance mode - cooking & cleaning etc. I have a scarf pattern that's not working out.

More on that in another post.


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